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Need an affordable sliding door track repair solution to make your clunker of a sliding door work like brand new for under $300?

There is an Amazingly Sliding Door Repairs Service Solution…

Best Sliding Door Repairs in Perth

Even though sliding doors are the most convenient kind of doors, they are bound to face wear and tear in time after their regular use. This could be due to dust and other unwanted particles jamming the door, thus reducing its efficiency. This could also be caused due to overuse or harsh use of the sliding door.
Perth is blessed with various companies such as Westview Glass and Best Sliding Door Doctor that offer repair services in the area such as finding a solution to doors that do not slide, a bug infestation in the doors, or even doors that won’t close or lock properly.
Some of the solutions that they do help with include re-meshing fly screens, replacing locks and keys that may no longer work or are lost, servicing the track, installing security door wheels, and so on.
These various procedures are dealt with by specialists who come on-site to tend to the needs of the customers. A warranty also comes along with the repair, which usually lasts 12 months but can vary from company to company.
It is best to seek your service from a provider that has a pensioner discount as well as has flexibility in payment such as COD, credit card, or even direct deposit. Also, do seek the experience level that the company has before indulging in being their customer i.e Best Door Doctor holds has been a part of the industry and offering their services for almost 25 years now
and counting.

Affordable Sliding Door Repairs in Joondalup

One of the main features or functions of a sliding door is the protection that it provides from the dangers that lurk outside. Thus, it is quite important to make sure that your sliding doors are at their highest level of efficiency and run smoothly.
Some of the major features provided by companies that repair sliding doors include installation, upgrading the sliding doors, replacement of the damaged locks on doors and key systems all performed by professionals or licensed individuals in this particular field.
Joondalup is located towards the north of Perth and was set up during the 1980s. It has been multiplying its population at a massive rate as well as has been establishing its infrastructure too which has made it one of the largest metropolitan cities to exist within the Greater Perth area.
Due to this outburst in population, commercial and residential needs have arisen too. Little Aussie, Positive Security WA, and Perth Sliding Doors are some authentic places you can seek services for your sliding door issues.

A quick tip before hiring help to get your sliding door fixed includes the rates that they charge, the warranty that they provide, the license that they hold, and how flexible they are with their services and timings. Also, do make sure that the service is available in Joondalup whether they offer more than one mode of taking their payment. Looking into the reviews and comments about the company also helps in gaining knowledge on whether the company has genuine staff and parts that they use to fix the sliding doors.

Our sliding glass door repair service

The repair of sliding doors should only be done by a professional as many a time, though it may seem like an easy affair to fix an issue in the sliding door, it may cause more harm than good.
Thus, involving a licensed professional from a well-reputed sliding glass door company is mandatory.
The various services that the sliding glass door repair service provides include repair of the rollers and tracks on which the wheels roll, glass sliding door repairs in case it gets jammed, sliding doors that face leakage, door trimming, locks on the sliding doors, and many more.
Depending on the urgency of the situation, the work can be done immediately or take a few days to get done. Before hiring a person to get your sliding doors fixed, look into their level of expertise, integrity, efficiency as well as if it is a cost-efficient option fitting into your budget.
While the sliding closet door repair usually gets done in a day, the time taken for the track repair depends on the wear involved, the bends in the tracks, or any misalignments in the tracks. To replace the rollers on the sliding door you’ll have to have the best professionals working on them who are aware of the plastic body that it holds attached to a metal housing with the help of
a few screws. Broken or corroded rollers can be replaced or repaired and the decision on that would be taken after a thorough inspection.

Sliding Glass Door Repair Cost

The cost of repairing a sliding door can vary depending on the issue that is to be taken to task. This will depend on a variety of factors such as degree of damage, the number of hours of work to implement the solution to the problem, the company the expertise is being hired from, the area in which this repair is to be done, and also how quickly you need the sliding door to be fixed.
Installation of a door usually costs up to 150 to 170 Australian dollars but is usually charged 45 to 50 dollars per hour. The price also depends on the number of sliding doors fixed, the size of the sliding door, and the materials that would be used to fix the sliding door or to replace the damaged parts.

In the case of you hiring help from Airtasker, the approximate cost of getting your sliding door fixed could range over 66 to 150 dollars. This would be the case for normal repairs. In case the repairs are complex and need more time, materials, and expertise to get them fixed the cost would increase. Multiple sliding doors would also cost higher to fix. Going through an outsourcing company such as Airtasker is highly convenient and you can get your needs
adhered to within your budget while having the professionals insured as well as gaining access to the best bunch of specialists. It is also a quicker mode to get your offer responded to which proves to be quite a time saver.


FAQ Sliding Door Repair

How do you fix the sliding door track?

We have a step-by-step procedure to make sure we repair the sliding doors and help them remain sturdy. Here is the process:

Examine: We detect the problem and examine the cause of it. Sometimes, it is just clogged up dirt in the tracks. There could be an alignment problem, or a
broken latch, a torn screen, or shattered glass.
Removing the door from the track: During examining, most times we need to remove the sliding door, this helps us fix each problem in the door separately.
Checking the rollers: Dirt clogged in the track or the roller getting jammed are some common problems in the door tracks, and for that reason, rollers are an essential part of examining.
Repairing the rollers: Cleaning and oiling the rollers fixes the sliding door tracks.
Installing the door to the track: After fixing the problem, the door is installed back on the track and a thorough check is done to see if it has been fixed.

2. How much does it cost to fix a sliding door?

The cost varies with respect to the repair needed for the sliding glass door. The cost will be low, if there isn’t anything major to be done, for example, if there are only the clogged rollers to be done, it would cost minimal and comparatively lesser.
However, for a complex repair or a change in either the rollers or any part of the sliding door is needed, then the costs may differ and often be higher than the basic repairs. The labor charges also go higher if a complex repair takes place. One thing is for sure that there are no hidden charges, we believe in transparency and offer value to our customers through our services.

3. How long will it take to repair my glass sliding door?

The time taken differs from the kind of repair needed. Any replacement may take a longer time, depending on the work done or needed and the availability of the parts, in some rare cases, some parts of the sliding doors need a pre-order and that takes a little while to come, approximately a day or a two.
Other times, when only cleaning of the track is needed it may take a minimum of two hours, considering the removal of the sliding door, the cleaning and oiling of the rollers and finally aligning the sliding doors on the rollers.

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